Game is a leisure war game on the theme of submarine warfare, which is a battle on the sea. You need to grow and upgrade from a small fish in the sea, defeat your enemy, and then become the most powerful, largest and most dangerous creature in the sea and become king in the sea.’s game operations

You use the direction keys to control the direction and use the mouse to navigate to ensure the forward or backward direction. From the beginning, you are only a small fish. You need to have a survival test in the ocean. After all,’s primary goal is to survive. Although the beginning is cruel, you need to devour other marine life and then let yourself grow up. You can eat creatures smaller than you, but pay attention to sharks and animals more significant than you, or you will die. Therefore, when playing games, you must keep your concentration and seriousness.’s game features

In, you will meet creatures that cannot breathe underwater all the time, but you can find that they can fly in the water. Your status is accumulating as you continue to eat, attack and grow. I wish you can climb to the top of the food chain and become the king in the sea.

Do you dare to challenge the real game of the jungle? In, you can fully experience this rule. You must keep trying to eat other marine organisms so that you can become the overlord of the ocean circulation. The same game that needs to be playing continuously is slope. You must keep absolute attention to see the trap and correct platform in the game ultimately. You won’t miss any opportunity just because you’re distracted.

If you like to challenge yourself, strengthen your thinking continually. Then the impossible quiz can let you pass different topics and jump out of the fixed thinking so that you can sort out your thoughts and complete this challenging and exciting test. After your thoughts are clear, you can try dividing fractions. Facing the division of fractions, you must think carefully before you can fill in the most unaffected portion without jumping into the trap.

Dad’s pancake (papa’s pancakeria) can let you truly experience the daily work of a doer and serve every customer with all his heart. Cookie clicker can make you a significant producer of cookies. You can even upgrade and purchase advanced devices, expand the production line of cookies, or possibly become a manufacturer of cookies all over the world. Or do you want a relaxing football match? The 4th and goal allows you to experience cheering and difficulty online. Optical mirrors and mechanical aiming can better help special forces to aim at the target and achieve more precise aiming.